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B.Mus. in Technology in Music and the Related Arts (TIMARA), 2013. Received the Conservatory Dean's Talent Award for demonstrating outstanding talent and academic achievement, 2012-2013. Graduated in the 6% of my class to complete the five-year Double-Degree Program between Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. GPA in major: 3.86/4.0. Overall GPA: 3.67/4.0.



B.A. in Visual Art (Concentration: New Media and Animation), 2012. Accepted into the Visual Art Honors Program “Senior Studio & Thesis.” GPA in major: 3.88/4.0. Overall GPA: 3.67/4.0.

Relevant Coursework: “Community Radio: WOBC,” “Electro-acoustic Studio Techniques,” “Advanced Studio Recording Techniques,” “Real-time Recording Techniques,” “Satire & the Uses of Laughter,” “Technique & Form in Fiction,” “Medium as the Message,” “Problems in New Media: Creative Resistance,” “Music & Media Technologies Workshop,” “Comics, Animation, & Film in American Culture,” “Live Sound Workshop,” “Radio & Podcast Production,” and “Recording in a Professional Studio.”



 May 2017 – Present : ROCK BAND LAND (San Francisco, CA)

Music/Art Teacher, Facilities Manager: Instruct music and art classes and rehearsals for children (ages 4-14) in groups of 10-20. Manage classrooms of up to 25 students. Foster collaboration among students through improvisational jamming and song-writing. Teach vocal, keyboard, electric bass, and electric guitar lessons, and lead musical games to deepen the students' understanding of music theory. Operate mixing board for large group rehearsals, and set up, clean, and organize large rehearsal spaces. Assist other teachers with their lessons and classes. Supervise safe playtime and outdoor activities. Provide extra support to students with special needs. Act as Facilities Manager of the space, and supervise/train the teen counselor staff. Mentor two "advanced" bands of older students. Each session, help produce original children’s rock music and put on large concerts of 300+ audience members at the Verdi Club (SF) and at our own space.

May 2017 – Jan. 2018: THE KITCHEN SISTERS (San Francisco, CA)

Production Intern: (Part-time position) Provided creative assistance to The Kitchen Sisters, a Peabody Award-winning radio production team affiliated with NPR. Worked on stories for “The Keepers,” their new podcast project about archivists, collectors, and historians. Transcribed interviews and found archival recordings and music beds for various episodes. In Pro Tools, edited and cataloged interviews from Susan Rogers (sound engineer for Prince's Purple Rain) and Ibrahima Seck (Academic Director of the Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum). Helped produce soundscapes and stories for “Levee Stream,” a site-specific street corner pop-up radio station-installation commissioned by Prospect New Orleans, a city-wide exhibition and festival celebrating the history and culture of New Orleans.


Jan. 2017 – Sep. 2017: WOMEN'S AUDIO MISSION (San Francisco, CA)

Studio Intern: (Part-time position) Provided administrative and creative assistance to Women's Audio Mission, the first women-built and women-run non-profit professional recording studio in the world. Helped with professional music and podcast recording sessions, events, concerts, classes, fundraisers, and workshops. Performed weekly office tasks to keep the studio and classrooms clean and organized. Supported WAM's vision to amplify marginalized voices in media, particularly of WOC, women, trans, and non-binary people. Mentored for “Girls on the Mic” after-school classes at various public schools around San Francisco and Oakland, which teach middle and high school girls how to record sound, make podcasts, computer program, build circuits, and produce music. Completed a personal project during the internship.


June 2016 – Present: THE CHAIKUNI INSTITUTE (Iquitos, Peru)

Media Producer: (Previously onsite, now remote and part-time position) Film and produce a series of virtual reality (360°) educational and promotional videos for The Chaikuni Institute, a Peruvian non-profit NGO dedicated to Indigenous empowerment, permaculture education, and environmental justice in the Amazon Rainforest. Work closely with a group of Shipibo healers to film and record their medicine songs and interviews for the series. Create film and audio content for multiple organizations, including Indigenous student group OEPIAP Indigena Pueblo, and a traditional plant-medicine healing center, Temple of the Way of Light. Awarded an “Awesome Without Borders” grant from the Harnisch Foundation for this project. Co-directed and co-produced Songs of the Vine, an award-winning VR documentary that has been an official selection at over 10 film festivals around the world, including the Encounters Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, and Raindance Film Festival.



Visual Art Content Specialist: (Remote, seasonal position) Assess 8-10 visual art teachers’ effectiveness in producing student achievement gains by reviewing student work as part of the school's Teacher Career Pathway. View student artwork of 10 to 12 scholars per teacher, and grade them using teacher-designed rubrics. Rate teachers on the two main aspects of the portfolio (written assessments and skills assessments) on rigor and alignment to school-wide curriculum. Assess whether or not students are being graded fairly by the teachers according to their grading rubrics, and whether or not students are being set up for success in their art classes.


June 2015 – June 2016: DROPR.COM & TABLE.CO (Berkeley, CA)

Lead Community Manager: Hired as the second employee of a fast-growing startup. Managed the office and assisted CEO with daily tasks to keep operations running smoothly, including keeping the office clean, organized, and well-stocked, and meeting the logistical needs of the 10- person team. Planned and scheduled meetings, appointments, and phone calls for the CEO. Helped grow the company by recruiting new employees through AngelList. Curated a launch party event and live panel discussion for over 200 guests at the Minna Gallery in SF. Managed a creative community of 100K+ users for, an online showcase for artists. Developed and assisted with marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Solely responsible for providing user support and solutions through online databases Zendesk and Intercom. Acted as the voice of users, and built community around Dropr through promotional user design challenges and social media channels. Identified, reported, and tracked bugs through Github wiki and database. Conducted outreach to current users, potential clients, and PR/media outlets. Supported development team in launching a new network called, built to foster collaboration among creatives, by driving user acquisition, support, and engagement. Fostered an open and honest company culture, mediated co-workers' disputes/issues, and facilitated discussions about the diverse needs of my teammates in the workplace.



Creativity Lab Instructor: Taught "Making" to students (grades K-8) in the after-school program MakerSpace, the Creativity Lab. My original curriculum included 3D design and printing, 2D design and laser cutting, circuit building, woodworking, stop-motion animation, and computer programming. Taught students a variety of computer software, including TinkerCAD, Monkey Jam, iMovie, TurtleArt, and Scratch. Fostered perseverance, creativity, and ingenuity within my students by having them design masterpieces of their own invention, from building robots that scribbled with markers as they moved, to 3D printing their own miniature cities. Kept track of students' grades, projects, and materials across 10 classes, and worked with over 200 students each week, managing up to 24 students at a time. Oversaw student projects and facilitated student-led workshops for the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. Also taught a “Home Economics and Life Skills” class for high schoolers (grades 9-12), focusing on professional development (resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, job application skills), personal finance, and domestic skills. Primarily served students from low-income families and youth of color.


June 2014 – Aug. 2014: GALILEO LEARNING (Oakland, CA)

Video Game Design Instructor: Taught children (grades 5-8) how to conceptualize, design, and create their own video games with the software Multimedia Fusion 2. Fostered collaboration among my students, so that they all brought home a final group project - a video game demo - by the end of the week. Instilled best media management practices in the students. Set up and managed classes of up to 20 children. Interacted with parents in a professional and friendly manner, and facilitated camper check-in and check-out procedures on a daily basis. Helped cultivate an emotionally safe space for children to freely share their ideas, and taught children to view their setbacks as opportunities to grow intellectually.


Sept. 2013 – June 2014: CARL B. MUNCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Oakland, CA)

Digital Media Technology/Music Production Instructor: Taught children (grades 3-5) music production, digital storytelling, and film production/editing. Developed original curriculum for my program, and wrote daily lesson plans to foster computer and digital arts literacy among students. Utilized project-based learning involving demonstrations, discussions, and student experiments. Instructed children in the use of iMovie, GarageBand, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop. Primarily served students from low-income families and youth of color.


June 2013 – Aug. 2013: CAMP EDVENTURE MORE (Alameda, CA)

Animation/Graphic Arts Instructor: Co-taught children (grades 2-4) the fundamentals of stop-motion animation, sound design for film, storyboarding, screenwriting, and film production/editing in iMovie. Worked with a new group of approximately 24 children every week, and in teams of three, had them complete their own animation to take home by Friday. Instilled the importance of communication and teamwork by encouraging cooperative problem-solving, and facilitated conflict resolution among the students. Cultivated confidence and self-esteem, as well as a natural love of learning. Interacted with parents in an enthusiastic and professional manner, and handled daily camper check-in and check-out. Organized, set up, and managed the classroom. Developed the curriculum and instructed an after-hours graphic design enrichment course for middle schoolers (grades 5-8), teaching them how to use Photoshop to create their own movie posters, cover art, special effects, and manipulated images.



Digital Arts Mentor: Developed tutorials to teach Oberlin students, faculty members, and community members various creative computer software (Avid Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, DAZ 3D, Audacity, Ableton Live, Amadeus Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and SPEAR). Designed and executed lesson plans for weekly workshops, free and open to the Oberlin community, focused on incorporating various technologies into art and education practices around sound and film production. Worked with professors in the Cinema Studies, Studio Art, and Theatre/Dance departments to maximize their technological abilities across interdisciplinary fields, and helped facilitate an exchange of skills across the different departments. Held office hours for individuals to schedule appointments for one-on-one mentorship.



TIMARA Departmental Assistant/TIMARA Student Teacher: Responsible for video and photo documentation of departmental events, media organization, and social media networking. From Sept. 2012-May 2013, wrote all articles promoting TIMARA-related news on their website. Reported directly to the chair of the TIMARA Department, and supported faculty with their creative projects. Taught Oberlin students how to use various creative computer software, as well as fundamentals in sound design for film, film editing, music composition and recording, and sound mixing and processing. Met with college students on a weekly basis in individual lessons to oversee their progress with music, animation, and film projects, and helped them solve technological and conceptual problems.



Assistant to Professor Judith Shatin, Ph.D.: Worked for composer and sound artist Dr. Judith Shatin, Director and Founder of the Virginia Center for Computer Music at the University of Virginia. Oversaw DVD and CD promotion, office management, audio file organization, concert and event scheduling, music distribution and marketing, public relations development, social media networking, and outreach to various museums and contemporary music radio stations around the world.


June 2012 – Aug. 2012: ECOSONO (Charlottesville, VA)

Assistant to Professor Matthew Burtner, Ph.D.: Provided support to Dr. Matthew Burtner, Founder and Director of EcoSono, a non-profit environmental arts organization associated with University of Virginia's Composition and Computer Technologies Department. Independently created hundreds of sound recordings of various recyclable materials, and batch processed them for a large-scale soundscape as part of a theatre project using Avid Pro Tools. Organized, labeled, and processed hundreds of pre-existing sound files to optimize Dr. Burtner's work flow.


June 2012 – Aug. 2012:  EXPRESSIVE MACHINES MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (Charlottesville, VA)

Lab Assistant: Worked with Ph.D. students affiliated with University of Virginia's Composition and Computer Technologies Department, who design and build musical robot instruments. Deconstructed robots and conducted robot testing with MIDI sound files. Kept the robotics lab organized and clean, and assisted with robot setup and transportation to and from events.


Jan. 2012: PRAGUE FILM SCHOOL (Prague, Czech Republic)

Winter Resident: Studied “Sound Design for Film” at the Prague Film School with a group of 10 Oberlin film and TIMARA students, led by Professor Peter Swendsen, Ph.D. Attended film directing classes there as well. Collaborated with other animators and directors on various film projects as an animator, sound designer, actor, and cinematographer. Created three short films independently, including The Lovely Adventures of a Lone, Lost Alien (2012, claymation, 5'), Seize (2012, stop-motion animation, 8'), and Praha (2012, live action, 12').


Sept. 2010 – Jan. 2011:  PRACTICUM IN TUTORING (Oberlin, OH)

Volunteer Tutor: Offered free academic help to Oberlin High School students, focusing specifically on youth of color. Assisted with homework help and standardized test preparation. Mentored two tutees per semester, meeting once a week with each individually. Tutored in math, science, social studies, and English.




Teaching, classroom management, sound design, audio production, field recording, interviewing for radio, departmental support, film production/editing, animation, social media marketing, music composition, and database/file management. Familiar with Apple and Microsoft operating systems. Dedicated and quick to learn new skills, whether digital or analog. Licensed driver with own car.

Proficient in the following computer programs: Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Ableton Live, Audacity, Amadeus Pro, SPEAR, iStopMotion, and iMovie.