↟ A stop-motion animation and soundscape about the brain being hijacked by something out of one's control. This independent project emulates an epileptic seizure - composed of manipulated voice and field recordings, and hundreds of individually-spliced MRI and CT scans. Originally performed for my senior thesis show "Cognizant Creatures," this was designed to be projected, with live 4-channel diffusion around the audience.

↟ Sonic and visual postcard of collected field recordings and footage, all gathered from Prague, Czech Republic. I made this independent project during my time at the Prague Film School, studying sound design for film. Sounds were captured with a DR100 field recorder and edited in Avid Pro Tools, and footage was shot with a Canon 5D MKIII and edited in Final Cut Pro. It was performed with 4-channel sound diffusion for my senior thesis show, Cognizant Creatures.

↟ Hand-drawn animation to one of my original songs. The animation depicts the conception of a child and the development of the fetus into a baby. Sound made with Pro Tools, film edited with Final Cut Pro.

↟ A claymation short film and sonic environment, about an alien's crash landing in a strange new place. Independent project, shot with a Canon 5D MKIII and edited in Final Cut Pro. Sound designed in Logic Pro.

↟ VR 360° video. Official Entry for Milk VR Gear Indie Contest in collaboration with Blake Montgomery, November 2015. Shot on location at Battery Spencer, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.